How to hide likes on Instagram in 2022

Now people can hide likes on Instagram. In just a few clicks, you can hide the like counts on everyone else’s pictures on Instagram, so you won’t see them as you scroll through the app. On your posts, you may also hide the likes.

Why Hide Likes on Instagram?

You can do a lot more than obsess over the likes on Instagram on your photos and videos. You can still utilize it to establish a community and share your abilities.

You can hide likes on Instagram to communicate to your audience that such numbers aren’t significant to you. It’s one less thing to consider when sharing your images.

If you want to use your Instagram account to become an influencer or collaborate with businesses, you need to keep that Instagram likes counts accessible. Because businesses want to see a return on their investment, they will almost only deal with accounts prepared to reveal the number of likes each post receives from a business standpoint.

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How to Hide Likes from your Pictures on Instagram?

Firstly, open your Instagram application and navigate to your profile.

Select the Picture you want to hide likes from and press the three-dot button on the top right to view options for the post.

Press the ‘Hide Like Count‘ button, and then the Likes from your post will be hidden by Instagram. Now, nobody, including your followers, can see how many likes are there on your post except for you, unless they start counting it manually 😛

How to Hide Likes and Views on Posts from other Accounts?

It’s important to remember that none of these modifications has to be permanent. You may always reconsider your decision and reverse course if you hide Instagram likes on your own or someone else’s posts.

Now, navigate to your Profile settings, press the Privacy option, and select Posts.

Now you will get an option to Hide Like and View Counts. Check the box, and now Instagram will not show you any like counts in the feed on posts from other accounts.

hide likes on instagram

To view other people’s likes on your Instagram posts again, go to your Privacy settings and untick the box next to Hide Likes and View Counts. To see how many people liked your own Instagram posts, go to the post, hit the three dots, and select Unhide Like Count.

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