Top 10 Programming languages for 2021: IEEE Says Learn Python

As the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Spectrum has Released the top 10 programming languages for 2021 rankings, Python is clearly ought to take the lead while winning over Java and C in the 2021 list.

The IEE Spectrum publishes the rankings by taking the data points from an array of matrices including Google, GitHub, Reddit, and Twitter to calculate the overall rank for the 2021 list with keeping in the account factors like job demands, Reliability, and Current trends that sum up to say Python is the top programming language of 2021.

Now, keeping the news aside, let’s see why Python is the top programming language of 2021?

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Why Python is in the top 10 programming languages for 2021 list?

Let’s see what are the key ingredients needed for an ideal language that became popular amongst all the engineers, mathematicians, and data scientists.


Simplicity and Efficiency

it’s Simple!
When it comes to complex algorithms used in machine learning and artificial intelligence, the Complexity factor becomes well, Complex to read and concise the code. In the case of Python, it’s Simple and Efficient while developing reliable systems so one can concentrate on the problem and don’t have to worry about the technical details of that language which is one of the many reasons Python is considered as an easy-to-learn programing language.


it’s versatile!
Python is Flexible. Meaning that it can fit just right while working along with other programming languages without needing to recompile the source code. You can achieve this by an option that python grants users to choose between OOP and scripting before starting the project. This very advantage, the developer can work safely without the risk of getting too many errors.

Platform Independent

Runs on any OS!
Platform Independence is a huge commodity when it comes to executing the code on different software architectures. It simply means that your one-time written code can be compiled and run multiple times on different OS Platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux & Unix. Python is the best programming language to go with for such speed transitions. A package like ‘PyInstaller’ is used to transform the code to execute on different operating platforms.

Ample Libraries

Awesome projects to work on!
One of the reasons to create a programming language popular and effective among all the communities is to create a rich library and documentation that is easily accessible to any global user.

Python’s Popular Libraries for machine learning and scientific computing are packed with rich documentation so that developers can find open-source projects & also their way out if they stumble upon technical issues. Libraries with rich documentation and easy-to-read guidelines are very popular and less time-consuming when it comes to programming.

Huge Community

Help is everywhere!
Strong Community Support for a programming language creates a big learning curve for programmers. With the help of tools and abundant libraries, people can create numerous communities & forums to get together to communicate problems and their possible solutions.

Python has one of the best Communities dominating as the de-facto platform for the newest technologies in the market says the IEE Spectrum.

Below is the full IEE Spectrum list of programming languages of 2021 that are in demand for employers and are popular amongst embedded development.

top programming languages for 2021

Considering the IEEE Spectrum sourced Table above, Python ranks on the top for all the aforementioned global ingredients that you need in a programming language where Java and C come under no exception.

Editorial note: As the senior project editor Stephen Cass sums up this year’s hot language to learn the topic with only two words “Learn Python” so, follow us to start your journey starting today with us to become a Pythonista.

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