4 Best Frontend JavaScript Frameworks in 2021

As the year 2020 has brought the interest of programmers especially beginners who are kickstarting their careers to explore more tools & frameworks in the midst of pandemic before they’ve even started working from homes. In the case of JavaScript Frameworks, it’s already the end of 2021 yet still, these below-listed frameworks are becoming more and more popular amongst developers.

How to Choose the Best JavaScript Framework?

Here are some key points to consider.


Without falling prey to the best-looking designs out there, go & look for the resources that’ll be easily accessible from trustworthy authors. If you’re finding yourself struggling, understand that the framework is new and you might reconsider your option.


Taking pride in learning something popular & exotic is fine but, looking through the perspective of its business, that framework might not be your best fit. We suggest you understand the core dynamics & fundamental purpose of that framework before diving into it headfirst.

Core Features

List down the core things you are looking to have for using that particular framework. You want to have a brief overview of all the available frameworks & that decide if any of them are adequate to your expectations.

Let’s See Some Best JavaScript Frameworks

If you are starting to acquire a new skill or want to advance your role as a frontend developer or full-stack developer & explore different frameworks to make developing easy & interesting, here’s a list of some best to have known Frontend Frameworks for JavaScript.

You might have heard the names from the popular frameworks in JavaScript but, we’ve picked the best by studying trends & popular technology of the modern web.


React JS

Vast Community
It’s not a big surprise when React JS is the most used & loved framework technology for JavaScript developers for the past four years. It’s also an autonomous choice for fresh developers due to its vast documentation, community usage & increasing job scope.

It’s true that 2020 has been a roller-coaster ride for React with a drop in user satisfaction i.e., replaced by Svelte. Regardless of the Rise & fall in the popularity spike, React will remain a long-term player because of its open-source options & a growing community of users with increasing applications.
javascript frameworks
  • Easy to Learn & Use
  • Dynamic Web Application is Easier
  • Performance Enhancement
  • JSX As a Barrier
  • View Part

Angular JS

Increasing Scope
Another long-term player is Google’s Angular JS framework. Coming with a bunch of updates & features getting added each time, this framework has developed plenty of jobs around the globe.

Hindsight 2020, Angular was the second-best framework of all time among the state of JavaScript. Also, as the job demands are increasing every day, it’s best of your decision to add Angular JS to your skillset.

Concluding the Cons of Angular, it’s stated as the second-worst under user satisfaction by the 2020 JS Survey.
  • 2 Way Data Binding
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Improved Server Performance
  • Inexperience with MVC
  • Possibly Time-Consuming
  • Limited Resources

Vue JS

Even though Vue JS has considered the third-best JavaScript framework, here at Techs Tricks, we prefer Vue JS more than angular by considering the user satisfaction & feature ratings as well as the included JSX support with a syntax similar to angular.

Vue JS will be a much more flexible choice if you are coming from a background of React or Angular.
  • Less Size Aquisiation
  • Virtual DOM Rendering & Performance
  • Two Way Data Building
  • Solid Tooling Ecosystem
  • Easy to Learn
  • Language Barrier
  • Reactivity Complexity
  • Risk of Over Flexibility
  • Lack of Experience Developers
  • Lack of Support of Large-Scale Projects

Svelte JS

This framework is quite new in the market for just around 2 years than any React or Angular JS which have been around since 2013. Yet, the Svelte framework has the highest satisfaction rating among users as the 2020 JS Survey states. There’ll be no surprise if we’ll see this framework become the most competitive over the course of the coming years.

The reason behind saying that is, Svelte is taking a different approach while building frontend components. Such as the compile-time complexities that are sophisticatedly integrated to build applications for browsers. This gives Svelte an incredible speed advantage since the application is sent as a vanilla JavaScript to the core browser.
  • Efficient Vinella JavaScript
  • Reduction of Overhead JavaScript Framework
  • No Need for Virtual DOM
  • No IDE Support Yet
  • Small Opensource Ecosystem
  • Not Many Dev Tools

We certainly hope that the 2021 List of the most popular and well-studied frameworks has served your needs to find the best fit for your upcoming projects. Bookmark this website to stay weekly updated on the latest programming basics & concepts.

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