What is FCM?

FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) is the new unified app platform  introduced by Google to replace GCM (Google Cloud Messaging). With the new FCM, now you would be able to send notifications to Android, IOs and web. So you no longer need three different codes to send GCM, APNs and web notifications. So, in order to decide that whether you should migrate your current apps to use FCM, please go through following advantages of the new FCM:

1) FCM is a Unified App Platform.

There is no need to implement various servers to send notification to your users. Firebase allows you to send notification to all the platforms, including Android, IOs and Web. You can make use of its cross platform functionality and send notification to all the clients using same Firebase panel.

2) FCM comes with a panel to send notification.

Before FCM, most of the companies had to develop their own panel for sending notifications. Now, firebase provide a panel to test and send notifications. This panel can be used to send notification to various custom user categories, topics and single devices. User categories can be any of the four, user audience, language, version, and user property. Topics are used for subscription based notifications. For example, as soon as a client code subscribes to a topic named hip-hop music, a new topic would be created and you can then send notifications to all the clients that has subscribed to this topic. To learn more about composing a notification through panel, head here.

3) A better analytics of the sent notifications.

Before FCM, every product needed to design its own analytics panel through logs to analyse the performance of the sent notification. Even to check the delivery status of the GCM, you had to check using message ID or GCM ID in the GCM Diagnostics tool of Google Play Developer Console. But now, FCM developer console provides you full analytics report of Sent, Opened and Conversion statistics which gives you a very fair idea of the reach of your notification. To view statistics, go to “Notifications” section and click on the sent message to view full report. For example,


Above the all, we have found out that FCMs has a better delivery rate than GCMs, this is not claimed by Google but we have experienced it personally. We believe the above mentioned reasons are enough to upgrade to this new notification system.