As we have all witnessed, in the past few years mobile has become users’ first screen. With the vast progress in mobile operating systems and applications, Mobile is now being used to accomplish tasks that once required a super computer (psyche). Mobile is now what people generally use to read/write emails, click pictures, record audio/videos and almost everything.

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Mobile has today become one of the most common platform for sharing. And as we speak of sharing the first mobile application that comes to my mind is Whatsapp. I personally use whatsapp for sharing images, videos, wordpress posts, important links, messages and almost every other thing.

For wordpress fanatics and bloggers, sharing blog posts via whatsapp is the new content sharing mantra. Matter of fact the good news is for sharing your wordpress posts now you can simply install a plugin using which you can share your wordpress posts via whatsapp.

Whatsapp Share Button Plugin

Whatsapp Share Button Plugin is written by Alex Moss. This plugin adds a whatsapp share button to your blogposts which will appear on both android and IOS devices. The plugin also comes with a shortcode so you can add the whatsapp share button where-ever you would like to in your wordpress posts. You can download the plugin here.

Plugin Features:

  • Add whatsapp share button Above or Below your posts
  • Supports Shortcode – This gives users the flexibility of adding whatsapp share button to any location on your posts or pages.
  • Google Analytics Tracking – The plugin also supports tracking the whatsapp share button clicks using google analytics.