This article introduces pushwatch, a tool to test GCM and APNS push notifications online for free. Pushwatch is a simple and easy to use online too that helps you send test GCM and APNS push notification messages both in simple and JSON format to your android and iOS devices respectively. Pushwatch is open source and extendable django based project and can be self-hosted on your own servers. Pushwatch is split into 2 parts:

Test GCM push notifications

GCM push notifications can be tested using the Online GCM Tester. Using the tester is as simple as typing in your API access key and device token your message or JSON data in the tester and sending the message. There are 3 required components to testing your GCM notifications.

  • GCM API Key
  • Device Token
  • Message / JSON data
Test GCM push notifications onlline

Simply put in the information and hit the submit button to test GCM push notifications. You can click on the Use JSON checkbox if you’d like to send a JSON message.

Test APNS push notifications

Similar to the GCM notification tester, you can use the online apns tester by pushwatch to test push notifications on your iOS devices. Instead of using an API Key, APNS require you to use your .pem certificate to test your APNS push notification messages. The 3 components required for APNS testing are.

  • Pem Certificate
  • Device Token
  • Message / JSON Data
Test APNS Push Notifications online

Similar to the GCM tester, you can provide a .pem certificate, your device token and a message to send a APNS message. You could also use the Use JSON checkbox to send JSON data in the message if you want to send additional parameters in your push notifications.

Both Google and Apple have a body limit on push notifications. Make sure your message / JSON data does not exceed the limit implied by Google for GCM notifications and by Apple for APNS message body.

Pushwatch is powered by django and django-instapush and is also available for self-hosted solution via github. Happy testing your GCM and APNS push notifications.