Tech Teams For Startups

Let our geeks handle the tech, You handle the business

Dedicated Tech Teams

We'll provide a dedicated tech team for your startup including backend developers, front-end developers, mobile application developers, QA Testers and project managers. You can simply outsource your startup's tech department to us and we'll take care of it all so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Code Review

Every bit of code written by our tech teams / developers goes under code review by their fellow developers and by the project manager. Until the whole team is satisfied by the code written, it does not go on to the next stage for QA sanitisation and testing.

Top-Notch Technology

Our tech teams use top-notch industry standard technology that is used by the most successful online businesses like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter etc. Just to give you glimpse our tech teams are experts in technologies like: Django, Python, GoLang, Ruby, AWS, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, BackboneJS, AngularJS, Less CSS, SASS & more.

QA & Testing

Every time our tech teams adds a new feature or resolve bugs, they make sure that the whole application goes under an extensive Quality Analysis and Testing so that your current users are not affected by any changes and no new bugs are introduced. Our testing & QA team comprises of very geeky and stubborn testers and will test each bit.

Scalable Applications

We think BIG! That's why our tech teams make sure they create applications that can scale big time. For every project our tech teams and project managers undergo a an extensive research to find out the best architecture that can be used to make sure that your application scales well.

On-Demand Resources

In case your project is growing and scaling well and the tech team provided to your project does not have enough resources. You can add on-demand resources to your team to make sure that your growing product is not lagging behind because of the limitation of resources.




Our tech teams consists of very experienced and geeky developers, Testers & Product Managers. We follow each and every step to make sure that your application looks stunning, scales well, give your users a great user experience and it grows on a faster rate. With our dedicated tech teams you'll be able to concentrate on the core business model and generating revenue, while we take care of everything that's tech including website, mobile applications, design, development, domain renewals, server setups, configurations etc.



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