Heya folks, are you tired of driving on the rushy roads in a polluted environment and spending most of your earnings on fuel? What do you think is the best solution to it? Is it the new Odd Even formula suggested by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal? Or is there anything better you can think of as a solution for traffic, pollution and high fuel cost.


Whether Odd Even Rule or not, we believe that carpool is definitely the best solution for all these problems. And this is the reason that people in most developed countries choose to pool their rides by choice. There is simple concept behind this choice which is logical as well. Lets explore it more.

Why should you Car pool?

When you buy something (specially something expensive) that thing becomes your property. Like the house you buy is your property. What do you choose to do with your extra vacant house? You put it on rent to earn something out of your investment, because you know that this extra property of yours would be beneficial to you only if you are able to earn out of it and give it to someone who needs it at that time and is ready to give you rent amount for that. Now, what is car? Is it not your property? And what about those extra vacant seats in your car? why not to share it with people who are in need and earn something. And if not earn then simply save the fuel by taking someone one day and riding with them the other day.


But these are the monetary benefits of car pool. Apart from monetary benefits there are some social benefits as well through which we can contribute to our society by being a responsible and helping citizen. Pooling your car will create a better environment around you, less cars less pollution, less fuel consumption and free roads. We talk a lot about improvements in our society but mostly we choose our comfort over our social responsibly because we don’t see any direct and short-term benefit. But as already explained, i think monetary benefits from saving fuel is a good enough perk for us to start car pooling.

Which is the best car pool app?


We came across this awesome android app which makes it really easy for you to car pool. The app is called Odd Even Rides and it is available for free download from Google Play store.  This app has a neat and clean interface which makes it really easy to use. Let’s Explore some more benefits of this app.

1) Odd Even Rides app is a Free Utility app and doesn’t charge you like other car pool apps. (I guess big enough benefit!)

This app is available for free download and you are not charged for any rides you give and take. This app works on basic barter system where in you have to give rides to earn requests through which you can travel with someone some other day when you are not in the mood to take your car or enforced to do so because of odd even rule. So, you see it is give and take rule. One day give ride and earn a ride for next day.

2) Odd Even Rides app takes care of your privacy. (Very Important indeed!)

There are many apps for car pool on play store. But after trying most of the apps i kind of felt cheated as they asked me to input my phone number and then started to show it to all users of their app. But Odd Even Rides, takes full responsibly of user information’s privacy. With this Odd Even Rides app you can choose whom you want to travel with and it will disclose your number to other person only if you choose to accept the invitation to give or take ride.

3) Odd Even Rides helps you travel with people you already know. (Most of us doesn’t want to travel with strangers of-course!)

We all have a huge social circle, but we don’t really have updates of when and where to our friends are travelling. But if we somehow get to know where they are travelling from and to, we would definitely like to travel with them instead of going alone. So, The Odd Even Rides app helps you find your friends on the route you have entered. For this, just sync your Facebook and phonebook contacts through this app and on search results it will show you people you are connected with. You can then send invited to your friends through this app to ride with them or to ask them to join you when you are taking your car.

4) Odd Even Rides works in realtime. (Be updated!)

This app has made a good use of notification system of Android. It sends you notification whenever you request some to join in your ride or to travel with them. And as soon as the other person accepts your invite, it again sends you notification of ride/request acceptance.

5) With Odd Even Rides you will be able to see your fellow riders. (Yay! travel with your friends!)

This app shows the list of fellow riders, so you can always see whom you will be travelling with. This will specially benefit the ladies, as because of security concerns they might not want to travel if there is a men only ride. So, a user can simply reject to travel, if they are not comfortable wth the fellow riders on the ride and their phone number would never be disclosed to anyone from that ride.

6) Odd Even Rides app has only verified numbers.

During registration this app verifies the phone number user will enter. So, this app will have all verified users who are genuinely interested in carpooling and not just hawking on other user’s contact details.

So, after exploring the benefits of the Odd Even Rides, you must be thinking of giving it a try! (which will be worth it for sure). And we do believe that if you really wanna save yourself from the pain of driving daily all alone and spending almost half of what you earn then you must start car pooling today which has been made easy for you. So, be a start investor and saver and save yourself and your society by making use of the great technology offered by Odd Even Rides.