Since it’s independence in 1947, India has seen little to no change in its judicial system development. Matter of fact, The development as a whole has been progressing at a breakneck pace ever since. Some even believe that the development in India has not even begun yet. For you who may be thinking, that it is absolutely a false statement to make because you can now travel in a metro or you are able to drive your latest german technology car on a stunning architecture of the AIIMS flyover and go to the Emporio like malls to pick up the latest leather gear from the Louis Vuitton and GUCCI showrooms, I suggest you to think again and this time beyond this material progress that you refer to as development of our country.

How much do you think have our judicial system and education system progressed ? Things that actually makes a difference on how our country runs. Since the very beginning, Filing a simple divorce petition with our judicial system has been a pain in the bum. But being an honest and a patriotic citizen of the country you still want to respect the judicial system and decide to file a petition with our judiciary. Then begins a never ending series of disrespectful and most frustrating events, that you now have to witness only because you made the decision of politely and respectfully asking your judicial system to help you out of bad or an immature decision in your life.

The Judicial System Experience Begins

The very first date you may want to get ready a little early and leave for the court a few hours in advance as you may be aware of the unhandleable traffic conditions in peak office hours on the roads of a metropolitan city. After a tedious and a tiring drive for 2 hours, your search for a parking spot in or near the court premises has just begun and may talk an additional 30 – 45 minutes of your precious time. And now you walk through the premises looking straight ahead as you just do not want to be disgusted after looking at the bright red tobacco spit marks on the walls around you just to find out that the judge that your case was assigned to is on a leave without a prior notice.

After three to four similar visits to the court over the period of several weeks, you inside have almost gave up on the judicial system and no one in the judiciary is even aware of the petition documents that you had submitted. Finally on the fifth visit you may be surprised to see that judge has finally made it to the court and once again you see a little spark of hope. Don’t be excited though, he had not even reviewed your documents yet. Once he does, He may just want you to get another copy of the document or ask you for an irrelevant document just because he had a bad day or just not in the mood. And dare you ask them an appropriate question about your documents, he may even threaten to take a decision against you because now you are getting onto his nerves by asking questions that he does not have an answer to.

The fact of the matter is that Indian judicial system is not there to help you resolve your issues peacefully but to add on much more to your frustrations pile. So you decide for yourself, if the material development like building roads, fly-overs, access to malls matter to you or the reality of how government bodies in India are trying to run our country. And this is just not it, this applies to every government body that you can possibly think of.

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