McDonalds Fries! We all love them. Some of us may even crave for them at times. “I’m loving it” the tagline seems was written majorly in the context of them golden brown crispy and crunchy McDonalds fries. Though it is loved by all, We sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we want to have them but just cannot.

How about next time you invite your friends for a weekend beer mania to your place and serve them freshly fried hot golden Mcdonalds fries ? Well, it’s now possible as today we are sharing with you the most infamous Mcdonalds fries home recipe that tastes exactly the same as the fries you buy from your McDonalds outlet. So without further ado let’s jump right into what ingredient you will need and the cooking method that you will follow to surprise your friends or family with your very own home made McDonalds Fries.

Mcdonalds Fries Ingredients Required:

Quantity Unit Title
2 (pcs) Large Russet Potatoes
45 (ounce) Can Shortening
4 (litres) Cold Water
6 (cubes) Ice
N/A N/A Salt

Mcdonalds Fries Equipment Required:

  1. Potato Slicer with 1/4” Blades
  2. Deep Fryer
  3. Air Tight Container
  4. Freezer
  5. Paper Towel

Cooking Method:

  1. Wash and peel the potatoes and let them dry for some time.
  2. Use your slicer with a 1/4” square blades and slice potato strips using the slicer. If you do not have 1/4” blades you can use any available square blades but keep in mind that the fries just would not look the same in size and thickness as mcdonalds fries.
  3. Take a large bowl, Fill it with about 2 Litres of cold water. Put the potato strips in the cold water and rinse them properly until the water turns milky white.
  4. Drain away the milky white water and put fresh 2 litres of cold water with 4-6 ice cubes in the bowl and let the potato strips sit in the water for about an hour.
  5. Put the shortening in the fryer and set the temperature to 190 degree celsius (375 degree Fahrenheit)
  6. Now take the potato strips out of the water and lay them separately on a towel to dry. Let the potato strips dry for about 10 mins. Make sure you do not leave them for more than 15 minutes or the strips will start turning brown in color.
  7. Once the oil is hot and potato strips have dried put the potato strip in 2 batches in the oil for first stage frying. Make sure you only put the strips in the fryer for about 1.5 minutes and do not let the strips change the color.
  8. Take out the strips and lay them down on paper towel so that the excess oil is drained.
  9. Once the potato strips have cooled down, put the strips in an air-tight container and put the container in the freeze for about 5 hours. (Do not forget to switch off the fryer)
  10. Once the potato strips have frozen, switch on the fryer back again and set the temperature to 190 degree celsius (375 degree Fahrenheit). After the oil is hot enough fry the strip in 2 batches for about 5 mins for the first batch and for about 7 minutes for the second batch.
  11. Take the fries out and put them on paper towel to drain out the excess oil.
  12. Add salt to taste and serve your very own home made McDonalds fries.