Yes, this is a hot topic of debate between employees and employers in India specially after the news of Sweden adapting the 6 work hours per day schedule.

employee_vs_timeCurrently, India follows 48 hours per week working hours pattern. This time period is divided differently by various companies according to their need and work requirement. Mostly, it is 9.6 hrs per day in a 5 working days per week pattern or it is 8 hrs per day in a 6 working days per week pattern. But all employees knows the impact of this and would be seen grumbling over this. And they have all rights to crib about it as this has affected them emotionally, physically, mentally and personally.

Everything Changes With Time, Then Why Not Work Hours?


Labour Laws were introduced in 1948, and since then the work ours are same with few modifications in wages and overtime laws. Let’s analyze how times have changed since then and the need of change in our working hours based on it.


1) Traffic Conditions:


We have seen how traffic conditions has worsened since the time these laws were introduced. In earlier times, employees doesn’t had the stress of commuting through the heavy traffic. Now, only traffic condition itself makes us worry about how will we reach on time, Are we going to reach safe since everyone is rushing and ignoring traffic rules, what if our boss reaches before us, will he be stuck in traffic or not? And then even if you are not the one who worries about such thing then no matter you will still be spending 2-3 hours of your commuting. So, who will adjust this time now?


2) Travel Distance:

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In earlier times, people used to stay closer to their workplace. With the village system they could easily move from one village to other without bearing a lot of expenses and space finding issues. But now, even if you wish utmost to live closer to your workplace that is located in the outer boundaries of your city, get ready to shed some extra money and go through the pain of finding an affordable house. And if you are not ready to do this then take extra time out of your routine to calmly travel to work. But is your company going to adjust the time you are spending in commuting?


3) Personal Work Hours:


How much time do you think people of 40s or 60s used to take when they used to go out for their personal work like getting dental checkups, or admission of their child in a school or college. Yes, we may argue that things are better as everything now can be done online. But, really? dental checkups online? So, for such kind of personal works that cannot be done with the virtue of digital world, who is gonna give us time for this personal work rush hour?


The Social Upkeep:


The modernization, fancy life, social upkeep.. don’t you think this is taking much of our time? But can we help it in any way? Its like a rat race in which no one wants to loose.. so everyone is just trying to keep the pace. Was this pressure in earlier times as well? But since now days it has become integral part of our life and we know none of us can escape it, then shouldn’t we realize that these are integral part of our living and wanted or unwanted we have to spare time for this?


So, we know that the time has changed and we think there is a need for our laws to get updated. Specially the law for work hours which directly affects the work life balance of every person of this country. And we see everyone suffering because of this in a hard way. But end of the day all they can do is grumble about it. So its time we realize the need of change in our work hours. But for now, hats-off to the countries like Sweden who understand the need and update their laws effectively.


Now let’s do our bit of work to get this in place!

So guys! Let’s vote now and see how many of us has realized the need for change in our work hours patter. Please vote below if you agree that working hours in India should also be reduced to 6 hours.

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