Read This Before you buy your next Samsung Smartphone

I have been a loyal samsung smartphone user for years now, but a recent conversation with a friend about buying a new smartphone not only changed my perception about samsung smartphones but also made me switch from android to iOS. I have always had this perception that “Apple” devices are delicate and require more care while handling and being the kind of gadget user that I am, I always wanted things that are more durable and sturdy.

While buying my first smartphone ever, I did try out and reviewed a couple of models, some of them being: HTC, Motorola and of course Samsung. At that point of time I found that samsung was absolute value for money I was about to spend. The samsung smartphone I chose (Do not remember the exact model) had almost double the configuration that other competitors were providing in the same price range. So I made my decision and went for samsung.

Since then, I have been a loyal samsung smartphone customer “until now”. When I wanted to change the smartphone that I was using I was researching at new samsung devices that were about to be launched and then one day I found one which I really liked. As far as I remember it was the first “nexus” model by Samsung and was called “Samsung Nexus S”. My brother was issued this phone at his workplace (Google) and was not yet launched in the market. I really liked the new smoother touchscreen technology and the pace that it could perform multiple operations at. Since I was so impressed by the looks of it and all the fancy terms that they used to describe their features, I did not even bother comparing it to the competition as I so much wanted it.

I waited 2 months for it to launch in India and picked it up from Samsung mobile the very first day it was launched in India for Rs. 39,950. The first week, I was really excited as I was using the features that I had never used before on a smartphone, but after a few days I was back to the regular use that just includes sending/reading emails, pick-up/make calls, messaging via sms and whats-app and a little bit of tweeting every once in a while.

After 3 months of use, I realised the power button wasn’t working anymore, I took it to the samsung service centre and they had to replace the power button. I thought it would be just by chance that it stopped working so I just continued to use it for another few months to realise that it has happened once again. This time I just googled it and my first query gave me a list of links to hundreds of blogs that say that it is a well known problem with “Nexus S”. Matter of fact here is a quick search on google that shows that this definitely is not a co-incidence.

I got the power button fixed once again and within a few weeks got to know that it won’t charge anymore. Took it back to the samsung service centre and they had to change the whole charging socket.

In the mean time I was also looking to buy an android “tablet” and samsung galaxy tab 2 looked like a good option to me So I got myself one with the flip cover for Rs. 21,500. The thing has been dead for 5 months now for no reason.

My next phone was “Samsung S4” which I bought on the day it launched in India for Rs. 42, 500 with the flip cover. I have changed the touch screen and digitizer for the s4 2 times in last 2 years and now the device has stopped reading the sim card for no reason. I have never even dropped this phone ever and have always used a flip-cover.

Also as I work as a software engineer a lot of my friends come upto me when they face problems with their smartphones. One thing that I took into consideration while taking the decision of switching to an iPhone was that all the friends that came upto me with these smartphone problems were “Samsung” users. I have had bad experiences with the following samsung devices:

  • Samsung Note 2 (twice)
  • Samsung Tab 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
  • Samsung Nexus S
  • Samsung Galaxy S4

I have a lot of friends that use brands like:

  • HTC
  • Motorola
  • iPhone
  • Micromax
  • Xiomi

But I have never in my entire life span seen them crying over the phones they have or any problems that their phones have. I am in no-way trying to convince any one to “not buy a samsung smartphone” but just sharing my personal experience that I have had with samsung mobile for past 7-9 years. Hopefully, Apple is not going to disappoint me like samsung did.