Aliens have always attracted thoughts. We all have been hearing stories of the real MIB (Men in Black), and conspiracy theories claims that these men are secret government officials who work behind the scene and protect hide a secret which if out would create panic in public.

Who are these Men in Black?

Many occurrences have shown these Men in Black pop-out from nowhere usually where someone claims to have recently sighted a UFO. They ask weird questions about the event and then disappear. Not only their questions are weird their appearance is quite weird too. These are tall men dressed in black trench coats (even during summer) and hats. They don’t have any hair on head and doesn’t have eyebrows too (weird).

See it yourself! This footage of MIBs was captured in a hotel in Canada after a man claimed to have seen a UFO!


What are they hiding?

Many investigating journalist and close watcher of these secret groups believes that these men are well versed with the presence of aliens and they work closely with them and they are planning a whole new world together. But then the question is that when these people know that aliens exist then why do they need to inquire about what happen during the sighting event of a UFO or a Alien? Are they afraid that people might have got to know more than what they are supposed to?

Also, if they are working with them then why these aliens make public appearance? And you should note that these appearances have increased recently. These appearances are also weird as they are so quick that people watching them are left with doubt that whether it actually happened or not. The most recent UFO sighting took place in North Korea where keeping personal cameras are not allowed. But someone has risked his life to capture and upload once such sighting of UFO on 15th Sep 2015.

Conspiracy theory believes that these quick shows by aliens in different parts of the world are just because now aliens are angry over their hidden state and thus want a complete disclosure, which is against the interest of our secret government. That is why they keep on making quick and mysterious public appearances and MIBs are sent to investigate the harm such appearances might have made.

We still don’t know the fact and these are just assumptions and such stories are anyhow hard to swallow, but we believe whatever it is, these days its happening quite often. So, the day we get to know about the fact and what is actually going on behind the scene, it would be too much for us to take. But let’s just hope its something good for humanity that these secret agencies and aliens are working on!