About Us


We are Beyondroid!

We have decided to re-name the agency to Beyondroid and "techstricks" is now a registered trademark of Beyondroid. We are ready to go all-in.


We are now official

Even though we never advertised ourselves as a digital agency, we were helping out a lot of businesses with the website development, mobile application development, social media marketing and a lot more. So we have decided to go official with aim of becoming one of the bests in the trade.


Team is growing

Because of all the love and so many project enquiries, we have been running out of time and really busy working days and nights in a row. We are happy to announce that to give our eyes some rest and to still help your business, we have 4 more experts on-board.


More Blogs

Since our first project, there has been no looking back and we have been helping businesses and developers to build better web and mobile applications. Even though we were busy doing a lot of projects, our love for blogging never faded and we posted useful tutorials and articles for our readers.


First Project! Voila

Early in 2014 we received a request from one of the readers who was not able to achieve the similar results as shown in one of our blog posts. We decided to help the guy out and after looking at the results he decided to hire us to develop for him.


Still Blogging

By late 2013, techstricks was still helping out developers and businesses with the crucial inside information they needed to develop better and scalable websites and about the technology that is used to achieve the aforementioned.



Techstricks was founded as a tech blog back in 2012 with a vision to help websites and business grow their reach and business over the internet.