Magento is a great eCommerce platform which remains the first choice of leading brands when it comes to developing a productive e-commerce website, which can sell the products effectively. There is no doubt that Magento is a popular CMS for e-commerce websites, however if you are looking for making your site even more productive you have to use Magento extensions, which offer extra features to you as far as the functionality of the CMS is concerned.

Magento, which was developed by a software development company based in the US is an open-source platform for e-commerce. It is written in PHP and was developed by a company called Varien Inc., which had published it for the first time back in March 2008. The company which developed Magento was later on acquired by eBay.

Some of the best Magento extensions are described below

1. XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemap is one of the best Magento extensions when it comes to offering a sitemap for your online store in an XML file and that remains really crucial for you as it helps in enhancing Search Engine Optimization or SEO results with great proficiency. It’s a great add-on when it comes to displaying the links in a specific order for search engines such as Bing and Google etc., which helps in simplifying the crawling and indexing process. On top of that if your site contains more than 50,000 URLs this particular add-on give you the authority to develop multiple sitemaps.


2. WordPress Integration

If you are looking forward to linking your WordPress blog with your Magento e-commerce website or Magento store then you must use the extension developed by FishPig called WordPress Integration. As far as Magento Professional, Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise are concerned WordPress Integration is compatible with all of them.

WordPress Integration supports a variety of languages such as Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese, and Brazilian etc., and that remains the major reason for its massive popularity among a large number of people across the world.


3. Optimizely

Do you want to keep an eye on conversions, clicks, engagements, and sign ups etc.? If that is the case, you should go ahead with a Magento extension called Optimizely. This particular Magento extension was developed by Blue Acorn in collaboration with Optimizely- a company that develops optimization software for a wide range of companies. It was developed with an intention to simplify the integration between a well-known conversion optimization software and Magento- a renowned e-commerce platform.


4. Moo CloudZoom

You can use this particular extension if you want to experience effective and flawless zoom movement, specify the dimensions and position of the zoom window, define the opacity of the lens, and reflect and hide the title on the zoom window etc. If you use this extension, cloudZoom widget will replace Magento’s actual image gallery. With its assistance, you can easily hover over the image of a product and check it effectively zooming it.


5. Multiple Select in Layered Navigation

It’s a highly stunning Magento extension that helps the customers of an e-commerce website in its navigation. It simplifies the store navigation by allowing customers to use multiple values when it comes to filtering a product. For example, a customer who wants to buy a T-shirt online through an e-commerce store can browse for green and pink T-shirts at the same. It is a totally free and highly user-friendly Magento extension.


6. Customers who viewed this also viewed

It is an extension that offers extra features when it comes to managing the most viewed products. In addition to that, it also helps in figuring out the shopping trends followed by the customers, and the data received this way helps in increasing the sales on the basis of the cross-selling mechanism. With its support, the visitors of your website will be able to discover the products which were viewed mostly by a variety of other customers.


7. Magento One Step Checkout

If you are looking to offer your customers with an easy one step checkout process, Magento One Step Checkout Extension is what you should be integrating with your e-commerce store. It is a very useful extension when it comes to simplifying the default checkout process, wherein customers have to devote a long time in filling the required form. It reduces the 6 steps involved in the checkout process and ends up making it a one step process, which is quite convenient for the users.


8. Magento Product Video Extension

If you easily want to upload a video to your Magento product page from a variety of sources such as YouTube or your own computer then you should definitely go for an extension like Magento Product Video Extension.


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